Friday, December 23, 2005

NBC buys controlling stake in MSNBC

NBC and Microsoft have begun parting ways, today they announced that Microsoft has sold part of its 50% stake in MSNBC giving up majority control to NBC. The two have had a troubled relationship since the birth of the news channel. MSNBC has consistently fallen in last place in the cable news wars, but has recently been making gains, even beating Fox News and CNN on several occasions in recent days. Microsoft will retain control of, the #1 news website on internet. The deal also allows NBC to buyout all of Microsoft’s share in MSNBC in 2007. There is no word yet on if any major changes will be made to the network now that Microsoft is basically out of the picture.

Microsoft and NBC both affirmed that they were committed to the online counterpart of the cable network,

I personally love MSNBC and I seem to be one of the few people who actually watch the network. I think they provide the best news coverage available. They do seem to be lacking the primetime powerhouse schedule that CNN and Fox News both have, but they are making progress.

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