Tuesday, January 31, 2006

BUSH: America is addicted to oil

The State of the Union

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush, in a push to take charge of the election-year agenda, is expected to say Tuesday that "America is addicted to oil" and must break its dependence on foreign suppliers in unstable parts of the world.

In his State of the Union address, Bush also is expected to renew his commitment to the central pledge of his inaugural address. "Our nation is committed to an historic, long-term goal - we seek the end of tyranny in our world," he plans to say. "The future security of America depends on it."

Excerpts were released in advance of the 9 p.m. EST speech.


Monday, January 02, 2006

No new funding for Iraq, US planning attack on Iran


Story 1: US will not provide additional funding to rebuild Iraq
“The Bush administration does not intend to seek any new funds for Iraq reconstruction in the budget request going before Congress in February, officials say. The decision signals the winding down of an $18.4 billion U.S. rebuilding effort in which roughly half of the money was eaten away by the insurgency, a buildup of Iraq's criminal justice system and the investigation and trial of Saddam Hussein.”


Story 2: US planning to strike Iran
The US is reportedly coordinating a military strike against Iran with NATO. It is also reported that countries neighboring Iran, such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, and Pakistan have been also updated regarding the supposed plan. American sources sent to those countries apparently mentioned an aerial attack as a possibility, but did not provide a time frame for the operation.


  • I may just be drawing connections where none exist, but could the winding down of efforts in Iraq be a sign that a strike on Iran is coming since it would free up needed resource if a conflict with Iran were to begin?
  • Declassified KGB Report Claims UFOs Real

    The alleged "Blue Folder" the KGB kept on UFOs has not only been declassified but the Russian Academy of Sciences considers it a credible phenomenon. Not only that, they are also very interested in further researching the phenomenon further. Does this make Russia the first government to openly acknowledge UFOs as real?

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    IE screws up my PC, Firefox saves the day...

    Thanks to new hardware for my computer that I got for Christmas I have been out of commission since then, so here is a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    If your wondering I got a new hard drive for my computer so I installed it. Well I got to the very last stage of getting all my software back on the computer and guess what? Internet Explorer failed me, I had a terrible malware attack that forced me to reinstall the entire system again. I had a lot to do and didn’t have time to do it again and I just now found the time and got it done.

    Even though I had a terrible experience with Internet Explorer I am still an avid use and will continue to use Internet Explorer.

    PS: I used Firefox the second time to get the software and this time everything went perfect, so I guess Firefox is the more secure browser in this situation.