Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The future of the web is here, Goowy Desktop

Goowy Desktop is a flash based widget desktop application that can either be downloaded or run within your browser. It has some very neat widgets and in its infancy it seems like it is, and could become, a very powerful tool. It has integration with several elements of Web 2.0 including an RSS reader, search engine, and useful widgets that are very common with the other widget engines like a stock reader.

It’s very similar to Konfabulator except that it is web based and has included with your account 2GB of email storage (*@goowy.com). The email application is very bare but is still a very featured application that looks similar to what MSN and Yahoo are doing with there email services. The application also supports POP3 so you can use your existing email account with the service.

What they are doing here is a very exciting service. Everyone from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, to ,well, Goowy are entering this business and I hope the market does not become too crowded. I’ve used several of the services that are already out there and I have to say this one seems to be ahead of the competition. So simply put, the other guys need to catch up. Good job Goowy, keep up the good work and make this product even better!

Goowy Desktop

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review....we have a lot of cool stuff in the works including virtual storage (10gb and 500mb monthly download free), open APIs for widget development and more!

Stay tuned! - alex