Sunday, February 19, 2006

UK Wants Back Door into Vista

UK officials have begun talking with Microsoft about the security features in Vista, which they say are too strong and could make it impossible for law enforcement officers to collect data from criminals' computers. The UK would like Microsoft to provide them with a software back door in Vista, so that "competently set up" Vista computers could be examined by the police if needed. Although it's unlikely that Microsoft would allow such a back door­­despite unending rumors of a CIA/NIS back door into previous Windows versions­­or even announce the existence of such a back door should one be granted, the company did say that it would work with the UK on the issue. "We are working with law enforcement to help them understand [Vista's] security features and will continue to partner with governments, law enforcement, and industry to help make the Internet a safer place to learn and communicate," a Microsoft spokesperson said this week. You know, maybe if the UK could put in a good word for Microsoft with the European Union (EU), they could make a deal.

How could this be true, I always thought Windows was a unsecure mess that anyone could get into? (sarcasm) Well I guess someone thinks Windows Vista will be a secure OS.

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